Creating Fortumo SMS Service

Started by Nikola, Jun 15, 2022, 09:43 PM

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This tutorial will teach you how to create Fortumo SMS Service.

1.) Sign in to your Fortumo account.

2.) Click on the "Dashboard" item in the top menu.

3.) Click on the button "Create new service", as shown in the picture below:

4.) Click on "Premium SMS API":

5.) Click on "Select" again:

6.) On the new page, first select countries (by clicking on the flag) where your service will be active:

7.) Below you can select if your service is related to activities that are not allowed by Fortumo (and countries where Fortumo is active), just click on "NO". Don't use Fortumo for listed activities because your account (and funds) can get suspended.

8.) Set keyword (a word that your users need to enter in the message they send), and price of the message:

9.) Click on the "NEXT" button.

10.) On this page, in the first field enter name of your service (you can enter whatever you want). The second field is important: here you need to enter the address where Fortumo will find a response that will be sent to your users. This address can be found in our plugins (consult plugins documentation for more information). The third field remains empty.

11.) In the fields below enter the required data (correct information, so users can contact you), and click on the "NEXT" button:

12.) On the next page check the checkbox and click the "NEXT" button:

13.) On the next page, click "CONFIRM":

14.) Now you see this message:

If you click on the "General" menu item, you will see this:

Why? In some countries, it is required that your service pass the verification process (usually 24-48 hours, sometimes longer), and during that process, Fortumo staff will check your promotional materials or the place where you promote your service - page on your site where sending instructions and prices are listed.

For now, we will not send your service to verification, because it is not ready yet. Don't worry, you can do it later. After you install and set up your plugin/extension/system and it becomes functional, you can submit it to verification, just follow these instructions: Submitting a Fortumo SMS Service for approval.

15.) Now click on "My services" and you will see the page as shown below:

The number and the grey circle mean that your service is not yet active in all 5 countries selected. After your service is fully functional, don't forget to send it for approval (as described here).